About Us


We are transforming your freight and logistics experience.

Henkologistics is a privately owned, premier international freight forwarder and logistics-solutions provider located in Noida, India. With our strategic-partnership network, we provide worldwide coverage for our forwarding and logistics customers. Our facility is designed to offer exceptional logistics services to the world’s leading high-technology manufacturers, distributors and integrators, whom we have serviced with great success since 2001.

Who We Are

Specialty in high-value, industrial and consumer electronics plus experience in a wide variety of customer verticals

  • Shipping Accuracy95%
  • Customer Retention Rate98%

Environmental Responsibility

As a committed member of the global environmental community, Henkologistics is dedicated to limiting CO2 emissions and itself operates under environmental standards. Within its warehouse, Freight Logistics utilizes energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and encourages environmental conscientiousness from its employees and contractors. Freight Logistics’ start-of-the-art warehousing facility in Miami Florida is built partially from green construction materials, and is an energy-efficient building. Freight Logistics’ environmental responsibility includes working with industry partners, employees and customers to help ensure sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.

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